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We work with all major insurance companies

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Glaszetter Snel has a partnership with all major insurance companies.


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Are you looking for a recognized and cheap glazier to have your window or glass repaired or replaced? Our glaziers from Glaszetter Snel have more than 25 years of experience with all common glass work.

Whatever damage your windows or your glass has suffered, our experienced and certified professionals can quickly repair or replace it. When using our services, your wishes and needs are always central. And of course our specialists can provide you with specific advice where necessary.



Good quality glass service

If you use the glass service of Glaszetter Snel, you can rely on the good quality of the work performed. Glaszetter Snel is only satisfied when the customer is satisfied. We constantly keep our knowledge up to date with courses and training. Our glaziers always keep an eye on the latest developments and we can help the customer with the highest quality glass service.


Our emergency glass service is available day and night.



We offer a 15-year warranty on double glazing, including installation.

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Glass damage

Damage to glass is always unexpected. For example, weather influences are one of the most frequently heard reasons for having a window repaired quickly. Of course, windows do not only offer protection against the cold. Glass windows are also an important part of the appearance of a building. It is important to be able to have window damage repaired as quickly as possible in both a private home and a commercial building. It is therefore possible to contact the 24/7 Glaszetter Snel glass service 24 hours a day. This way you run no risk of possible burglaries in your home or business premises and you limit possible additional damage due to influences of, for example, the weather.

window damage

In the case of glass damage, it is also important to know that many household insurance companies make it mandatory to have glass damage repaired as soon as possible in the event of glass breakage. The reason for this, of course, is the fact that a quick repair of broken glass can prevent any further damage. The home or business premises are also safe and secure again with regard to burglary and theft. As the owner of a home, according to most insurers, you have a duty to prevent further damage to your home or contents in cases of window damage. You can do this by using the glass service of the Glaszetter Snel.

Delivered and installed within 3 days

Insulating glass within 3 days

HR++ insulating glass is currently very popular and is therefore often difficult to supply. Glaszetter Snel can assure that we will receive the insulating glass within 3 days and will then install and finish it very quickly.

insulating glass
Emergency service within 30 minutes

Glazier quickly available 24/7

Of course, damage usually occurs unexpectedly and it always happens to you at the wrong time. Do you have glass damage and do you want immediate assistance? A highly skilled team of experienced glaziers is available day and night to assist you. In case of damage, contact can be made by telephone. Thanks to a handy network of a large number of different glass stocks, Glasnemers Snel glaziers can be at your location within half an hour in the event of an emergency. It doesn’t stop there. The glaziers take care of placing a new window. Even if it concerns a window of a less common type of glass, you will receive expert help. Is there a reason why the necessary repair or installation of a new window cannot be realized immediately? Then the glazier team will provide a good temporary solution and adequate emergency facilities. In short; you can count on good help.

My window is broken, what now?

Please contact the Glazier Snel immediately. We are happy to help you, at any time. Of course, a broken window can in many cases be recovered from the insurance for your home. We therefore work together with the insurers. We can guarantee high quality and only work with recognized professionals. Is your window broken? Then it is wise not to touch the remains of the glass. Leave the shards as much as possible and leave the remnants of the broken window in the rebate. Our experts ensure the safe removal of the broken window. Of course, the broken glass is removed in a professional and safe manner. If the broken window can be repaired, we prefer this with a view to durability. Of course, supplying the best solution with regard to repairing the broken window is based entirely on your preferences and wishes.

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Contact Glaszetter Snel now. We are active throughout North Holland and surrounding places. Also for emergencies.

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Need a glazier service urgently? Glaszetter Snel is available 24 hours a day, both during the week and at the weekend.

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Energy prices are going up. Now is the perfect time to save on installing insulating glass. Glaszetter Snel will arrange it.



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Our glass types
Glazier company Glaszetter Snel works with many types of glass. Below are a few of these varieties that we specialize in and that are very popular in the Netherlands.
Triple Glass (HR+++)
At the moment, Triple glass is the most insulating glass on the market. The difference with double glazing is very big. Besides the fact that triple glass is very beneficial for the wallet, it is also very good for the environment.
Double glazing (insulated glass)
Installing double glazing is still very durable and will pay for itself later. Due to the 2 glass plates that are airtightly connected to each other, the double glazing keeps the heat in and also helps against noise pollution.
insulating glass
Insulating glass speaks for itself. It first insulates the building, so you don’t have to generate as much heat, which saves a lot of money and is good for the environment. The difference with double glazing is that there is no ordinary air in the cavity, but a special gas. Furthermore, insulating glass has a very thin metal layer that has an extra insulating effect.
Many other types of glass
Other types of glass that we regularly work with and that we can deliver quickly are; fire-resistant glass, wire glass, toughened glass, laminated glass, sound-proof glass, stained glass, burglar-resistant glass and solar-resistant glass.


Common Glass Problems

Glaszetter Snel have been in the business for more than 25 years and have experience with all kinds of problems that can arise with glass and glass types. See below a small selection of the cases that we have come across over the years.

Broken window

Leaking glass

Broken window

Window broken by lightning strike

Wear in old houses

Call Glaszetter Snel quickly in case of burglary damage

Of course, if you notice a burglary, you should contact the local police. We repair the broken window quickly and professionally. We also ensure that the hinges and locks of the damaged windows are repaired. This way your home is safe and well secured again. If immediate repair is not possible (for example when a very specific type of glass has been used), we will repair the broken window with emergency glass or possibly with woodwork. In this case, we will of course get back to you as soon as possible with the final solution, a perfectly mounted window in the right type of glass. We also supply safety glass, double glazing and Hr++ glass types.

Have insulating glass installed by Glaszetter Snel

In addition to window damage, there are of course many other reasons for engaging Glazier Snel. Placing new windows or panes in a different size can add a lot to your home or business space. For example, more daylight enters and a new south-facing window can add a lot of heat to the home through sunlight.

Placing a skylight in a dark attic or in a workspace also ultimately saves energy. We have a large stock of glass types, including Hr++ glass, double glazing and glass with wiring. Would you like advice on the options and costs of having new glass installed? We like to help you.



Just have glass replaced

Do you have window damage? Or do you have plans to make your existing building energy efficient? It is clear that things like good insulation can provide a significant reduction in energy bills. High-quality glass types such as Hr++ glass ensure that the heat remains in the house and that the cold does not affect the indoor temperature. Do you have damage to a window? Then you can of course choose to have the window replaced immediately by an insulating window. We are happy to advise you about this.


Our emergency glass service is available day and night.


We offer a 15-year warranty on double glazing, including installation.
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Emergency service within 30 minutes

Replace double glass

Do you notice that there is moisture or dirt between the windows of your double glazing? Then there is a good chance that your glass pane is leaking. In this case, we can trace the cause and, if desired, replace the glass. We are also able to help you claim the replacement of the windows and the installation costs from the original supplier of your double glazing. Of course we offer you a 15-year warranty on double glazing supplied and installed by us. You can count on that. This way you are always assured of a high-quality solution and repair of your new windows in the event of damage or leakage. Please feel free to contact us by phone, we will be happy to advise you and ensure a quick repair of your glass damage.

What to do in case of glass damage?

As professionals, we are aware of the fact that the repair of windows is not only important in terms of heat and damage repair. Windows or glass walls are often also used to give the interior of a home or business space its own identity. That is why we think it is important that repair work and the installation of new glass are completely in line with your personal wishes. Do you call Glaszetter Snel for free advice or an appointment? You can always count on us for both damage repair of glass and the installation of new glass.

Leak in double glass

Have it replaced by Glaszetter Snel

Do you suspect that there is a (gas) leak in your double glazing? Glazier quickly can visit you to see if this is the case. If it indeed needs to be replaced, we can do that for you right away.

double glass