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insulating glass

Glaszetter Snel is the fastest supplier of insulating glass. We deliver and install the insulating glass within 3 working days. Both HR++ and HR+++ delivered within 3 days.

insulating glass

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Is your home still equipped with single glazing? Then you are selling yourself short. Your home is therefore not sufficiently insulated, so that you have a less comfortable living environment. In addition, you consume a lot of unnecessary energy. This is not only bad for the climate, but also for your wallet. You can save enormously on your energy bill if you replace your single glass with insulating glass. You also increase your living climate by letting the cold out and you no longer suffer from ice and condensation on the inside of the glass. That is why you should be informed by Glaszetter Snel. We deliver insulating glass to your home or company and install everything professionally and professionally, so that you can fully enjoy the benefits of insulating glass.

What is insulating glass?

Insulating glass is a broad concept and available in many variants. Characteristic of insulating glass is that it consists of double glass. These are two glass plates with a space between them that provides the insulation. When choosing double glazing, the space, i.e. the cavity, consists of dry air. The glass is held together by an edge and finished with a special sealant for an airtight cavity between the glass plates. Compared to single glazing, double glazing is already a huge improvement, but there are now much better versions of insulated glass, such as high-efficiency glass.

The U-value of insulating glass

The insulation value of glass is expressed in the U-value. The U-value expresses how much heat is lost per second and per square meter when the difference in temperature between outside and inside is 1° Celsius. The lower the U-value, the less heat is lost. Double glazing has a U-value of 2.7 W/m²k, but HR glass has a U-value between 1.7 to 2.00 W/m²k. The improved versions of high-efficiency glass have an even lower U-value and will hardly lose any heat.

The benefits of high-efficiency glass

1. When you have to make a choice between regular double glazing or high-efficiency glass, the price should not stop you from going for the better insulating high-efficiency glass. The price difference is only small, but the comfort is much better. Thanks to the better efficiency of high-efficiency glass, you can earn more back.

2. With high-efficiency glass you will experience much more comfort. In winter, heat will no longer be able to escape and you will not have to turn up your heating as quickly. In summer you can also benefit from high-efficiency glass, because the glass will keep out the heat from outside so that your home stays cool.

3. You can save quite a bit on your energy bill. Depending on the type of efficiency glass, the annual savings on your energy bill can be up to € 300.

4. In addition to good thermal insulation, high-efficiency glass also has excellent sound insulation.

5, High-efficiency glass is also safer. This reduces the risk of burglary and if desired, you can also take burglary-resistant high-efficiency glass.

Choose from many types of glass

In addition to insulating glass, Glaszetter Snel also supplies all other types of glass, such as colored glass, safety glass, fire-resistant glass, stained glass or even walkable glass. We have almost all types of glass in stock, so you never have to wait long. You can also contact us if you have glass damage and you urgently need new glass. We will be on site within 30 minutes to professionally repair your glass damage and you do not pay any call-out costs with us. You can also contact us for special glass projects, such as glass table tops, glass stairs or custom mirrors.

high-efficiency glass

HR glass is a much improved version of insulating glass. A coating has been applied to the inside of one of the glass plates, which consists of a metal layer. This coating is not visible, but does provide a higher insulation value. However, HR glass no longer fully meets the current requirements regarding insulation values and HR+ glass can do even better. With HR+ glass, the cavity between the glass plates no longer consists of dry air, but of gases. This can be krypton or argon gas and will provide even better insulation. HR+ glass has now undergone the necessary improvements, which has resulted in even better insulating glass.

HR++ glass
The difference with HR+ glass is that HR++ glass has a wider cavity. With HR+ glass the cavity is still about 9 to 12 millimeters, with HR++ glass the cavity is about 15 millimeters. Here too, the cavity is filled with krypton or argon gas. This is also immediately noticeable in the measured U-value of 1.2 W/m²k.

HR+++ glass
With a U-value of only 0.5 to 0.9 W/m²k, HR+++ glass is one of the best insulating glass available at the moment. This glass is also called triple glass and that is not without reason. Like the other insulating glass, it does not consist of two glass plates, but of three glass plates and a double cavity. The double cavity is again equipped with a gas and a coating has been applied to the inner sides of the glass. Are you considering HR+++ glass? Then please contact Glaszetter Snel. We can assess whether your frames are suitable for this. This glass is heavier than the other insulating glass due to an extra glass plate.

insulating glass

Delivered and installed within 3 days

insulating glass

Glaszetter Snel

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With us you can count on craftsmanship, professional installation of your glass and expert employees. Since we know that glass damage always comes at unexpected moments, we are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can therefore always contact us in an emergency, so that we can be on site within 30 minutes to repair the damage. We can also deliver your glass urgently. If you order your desired glass before 10:00, we will deliver it to you the next day. Please contact us to discuss your wishes or in an emergency if your glass needs to be repaired urgently. We will then ensure a professional delivery and installation of your glass. Glaszetter Snel has been working closely with Kitbedrijf Amsterdam and Electrician Amsterdam for years.